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[COMPLETED] Services Disruption - Intermittent Network Issue

Date: 8 Aug 2019

Time: 11:38 AM MYT

The MYIX network issue is fixed and we will continue monitor the network traffic. 


Dear Valued Customers,

Date: 8th Aug 2019
Time: 10.58 AM MYT

Services Disruption detail:
There are some Intermittent network issue from MYIX  and our team is checking on it.

Services Disruption affects:

User will experience slowness accessing to the websites or servers that are hosted at Malaysia IP range network as this is affecting only Malaysia ISP connection.


What is MYIX?


The Malaysia Internet Exchange (MyIX) is a non-profit and first neutral Internet Exchange where local Internet Service Providers ("ISP"s) and content providers connect to exchange internet traffic.

Best Regards,

Support Team
Exabytes Enterprise Technical Department