OpenCart2 Mail and SMTP settings

By default OpenCart 2 uses the standard mail PHP function to send emails. 

To improve your emails delivery you might consider setting up your store to use SMTP for all outgoing mail settings.

Additionally, the SMTP option allows you to use not only your own mail SMTP server but an external mail service 

To configure OpenCart 2 SMTP settings, please login your admin Dashboard and refer to the settings section from the main navigation menu.

From the Stores List click the edit button and refer to the Mail tab. 

In case you would like to use the standard PHP mail function you do not need to configure the SMTP settings on this page. In case you would like to set an additional email that will receive all notifications from your store you can set it in the Additional Alert E-Mail field. If you need to have several emails configured, please separate the email addresses with commas.

In order to configure your OpenCart 2 to send all emails via SMTP please select the SMTP option via the drop down menu and set your SMTP settings below.

SMTP Hostname - This is the domain name or the IP address of your SMTP server.

SMTP Username - In most cases this should be your email address name. 

SMTP Password - In most cases this should be your email account password. 

SMTP Port - The default SMTP port is 25, however you may still use port 587.

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